Saturday, December 16, 2017

Another Loop Bracelet

I had fun finding a pattern that would match well with the lampwork bead. The loop was a bit trickier than the black one of a couple of posts ago. I tried to work it with a circumference of 4 beads, but it looked very messy, so I used 6 beads instead. Luckily the crochet is very easy to undo and try again. I decided to count the beads I used in the loop, just for reference.  I used 160. That's more than I expected, so it's good to know.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Marie's Pattern

Marie McCurry has kindly shared the pattern for her lovely Icy Blue Snowflake here. I don't know if I added the beads differently to how Marie added hers, but I had to have 60 beads on the ball thread and 84 on the shuttle, as opposed to the 48 on the ball and 96 on the shuttle that Marie specifies.

Because I used size 20 thread rather than the size 80 that Marie used, I used a stitch count of 4 instead of 5. Here's how I added the beads:
4 beads on back of the hand, Ring 4+4, move 3 beads from back of hand and 1 bead from shuttle, 4-4, Close, trapping the 4th bead. Reverse work.
Move 2 beads from ball thread and 1 bead from shuttle into place.
Ch: 4, move 3 beads from ball, 1 bead from shuttle, 4. Reverse work.

Thanks Marie!

Blooming Ice Drop

This is a pattern created by Diane, the Lace-loving Librarian. I intended to tat it all in yellow, but the thread had a flaw just as I finished winding the first shuttle. I decided that as I had to join threads anyway, I might as well use two colours. A nice case of serendipity!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In The Loop

I wondered if I could crochet a loop with a circumference smaller than the body of the rope. I could. This loop is four beads around, whereas the bracelet is six beads around. It might be important to make sure the thread and beads match for such a small circumference. The black was hard to work with, but effective.

 I wanted to be sure that the button-loop would hold the bracelet in place, so I wore it for a while:
It held fine and was very comfortable to wear.

The big beads are lampwork created by Clare Gaylard.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Plan B, Plan C

I bought this fabric months ago on a sale. Yesterday I thought I'd use it to whip up a blouse. The project didn't go according to plan. Firstly, the fabric had been so badly cut in the shop that I couldn't get all the pieces out. What to do, what to do?  After some contemplation, I decided to leave off the bands under the bust and use wide ribbon to create a casing for elastic. Right. I cut out the pieces minus the bands.

Next job was to apply iron-on stiffening to the neck facings. I bought 2 metres of the stuff recently, so I hauled it out and tried to figure out which was the sticky side. After a couple of trial runs, I had a very gungy iron and realised that both sides are sticky! It's not interfacing, it's fusible web for joining two pieces of fabric. Luckily I have a cleaning product designed for taking labels off jars that did a fantastic job in cleaning the iron. So I found some scrap fabric and fused it to the facings using the fusible web.

By the time I'd made plan B and plan C, the day was gone. I finished this morning according to plan, without mishap, hooray! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rainbow Ice Drop

This pattern is also by Nicola Bowersox - can you tell I like her style? Rainbow thread and blue beads seemed perfect to suit the name.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


This is a trial-run for an idea I have to show off a focal bead. I'm not sure I have the right seed beads on hand for that project, so it may have to incubate a bit longer. I think this one works pretty well on its own merits.

My noose still needs some work. I"m thinking I should work the increase before the split a bit more gradually. I worked two beads into each stitch and then did one more row before splitting. A more gradual increase should give a smoother look.